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Friday, September 3, 2010

be bold

T.G.I.F. This week has been absolutely wonderful and absolutely exhausting. I'm learning more about my students and how they work and I'm pretty sure next week will look completely different, from a teaching perspective.

My 7th graders are HILARIOUS.

Marlon: "Heyyyy Ms. Jessica! Notice anything different about me?"
Me: "Hmm... Did you get taller?"
Marlon: "Nooooo! I got my braces off!" (HUGE SMILE to show me)
Me: "Ohhhh, wonderful!"
Marlon: "I mean, sometimes I just look in the mirror and can't help but to notice how good looking I really am."

I introduced some icebreakers and team building activities to most of my classes this week, involving debates over controversial issues, creating masks and the human knot. OH THE HUMAN KNOT. What a wonderful idea. I was barreled over in laughter after watching the 13 year olds try to untangle themselves for 5 solid minutes. We talked about the importance of listening, communication and teamwork.

Casey prays for us every morning during our devotional time. It usually goes something like this: "Dear Lord, please help us learn and help us pass our quizzes. Please throw some breeze our way so we don't get so sweaty and let the power stay on today. Thank you for recess and our teachers and our friends and our families. And lunch. Amen."

After school we walked over to Los Fuertes to watch the high school boys play some futbol. Harry took us to his favorite burger joint where I proceeded to accidentally rub my eyes with extremely hot sauce from my papusa (Honduran chicken/queso/cabbage/onion/wrap) FAIL. Thank you Zach for the homemade water flush eye drop from my straw.
We decided to take a late night dip in the mangrove lagoon behind our house when we got home. Hello glory. Heat lightning glowing up the sky, bioluminescent dinoflagellates shimmering in the warm water, stars so bright they twinkled and singing songs with the gang. In love with this place.

You know you are in Honduras when:
1. You see signs like this:
2. Your communion bread at church is a tortilla
3. You can catch a lobster in your backyard and eat it for dinner

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