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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

fresh feeling

This past week has been amazing. Crazy hair competitions, moon-walking mullet wearing children, bonfires on the beach and Garifuna festival dancing. We celebrated Amber's birthday on Friday night and caught the poppin' action of the West End of the island. Saturday we took a hike in Los Fuertes and saw the beautiful view of the island from both sides. John snorkeled so far out he saw barracudas and sting rays. Sunday we trekked to Punta Gorda for the Garifuna festival. We ate a delicious traditional fish stew with mashed plantains and coconut bread.
We came back to our apartment to find Harrison and his Los Fuertes boys cooking their fish they caught from the backyard. It is beautiful to see the relationships that he has built with these boys. They have agreed that if they can go fishing once a week, Harrison can work with them on English and some tutoring opportunities.

Pablo eating his fried catch of the day.

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