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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

7th grade international relations

So one of my best friends, Laura, is teaching the same grade in Bangkok, Thailand.

Of course we decided to have our students write pen pal letters to each other. HILARIOUS. Here are some of my favorite entries:

Non: What do you look like?
Maicky: My face is like.. well.. I have a big smile and like to make people happy.

Junior: What do you look like?
Michael: I am SEXY.

Shaq: Do you have pets?
Marlon: I have a dog and a monkey. But the monkey is my little brother, Andy.

Kate: My favorite food is KFC.
Morelyn: My favorite food is Bojangles supreme.

Kaweewat: What do you look like and what is your family like?
Angela: I have cinnamon skin color and a retarded brother named Jonahy.

Junior: I don't good in English.
Michael: No, it's not hard, just practice with spelling bees.

Ohm: I thick English is easy.
Tai: English is very easy, when are you coming to Roatan?

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  1. This is amazing.

    "I have cinnamon skin color and a retarded brother named Jonahy" literally made tears in my eyes.