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Thursday, June 16, 2011


This place is gorgeous. Kels and I arrived yesterday afternoon, met some awesome people on the plane, took a nap at our tight hostel then explored the city. It is extremely refreshing to be able to walk around the cobble stone streets, buy a freshly squeezed lemonade, buy what tasted like fried cheese grits, eat more fresh mangos and breathe in the ocean air. I bought some new sandals (my rainbows broke on the way to media luna) and even tried on a new dress.

We´ve met many friendly people and travelers, walked the wall that surrounds the old city like a barricade and ate delicious crepes for lunch. Que rico!! Everything is relatively cheap and tomorrow we will explore more of the city. More to come!!

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  1. I looove Cartagena because the city has been able to keep its colonial flavor integral. Thast`s the reason why this magical city has got the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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