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Monday, August 23, 2010

chop suey


I can't believe we've already been here for 2 weeks! Time flies when you are busy cutting letters out of construction paper, creating/learning how to complete lesson plans and thinking of creative ways to teach interjections to Sophomores. I'm pretty excited about riding the school bus with all of the children at 6am next week. On Friday night we ventured to a restaurant in West End called The Noodle House. Turns out the owner is the son of the owner of Tommy Condon's in Charleston. It's crazy how many people we have been connected with here on the island in such a short amount of time. Arturo learned how to use chop sticks and Alba taught us how to say "buttcheeks" in Spanish. Probably the funniest bilingual dinner I've ever been a part of. We will definitely be back, the thai peanut bowl is PHENOM.

During some of our downtown at school, Amber and I wandered across the street to an Americanized Christian bookstore owned by Sister Glenda, a native Alabamian(?) and the pastor of a Pentecostal church in Jonesville. She warned us about the dangers of buying produce from the street markets and washing our fruit with clorox first in fear of ingesting an "amoeba." I think these amoebas were mentioned for a solid 15 minutes before I realized she was talking about parasites. If anyone has seen on Animal Planet, you know what I am talking about.


  1. my doctor today at passport health said if you can't wash it or peel it then leave it!!! haha. this is in regards to produce on the side of the road. and by the way you really shouldn't sitler you will be some type of parasite. trust me. i did.