Real contentment has nothing to do with either prosperity or poverty. Contentment is an inside job, the result of knowing God and living life against the backdrop of eternity.

Friday, August 27, 2010

home is whenever i'm with you

1st week of school = Success. All of my High Schoolers are absolutely hilarious. I've been having them fill out personality tests and self profile sheets, in a modest attempt to understand how they learn and who they are.

We all went on an "adventure" in Sandy Bay last night, a 2 hour somewhat treacherous run/walk by the beach, to a hidden cabana and pool restaurant, through Anthony's Key and back home for dinner. Sand fleas might be one of my least favorite animals. Those and the spiders that are in our bathroom. EVERY MORNING. Oh, hello Mr. Spider. I thought I killed you yesterday.

I ate the most amazing fruit this morning. A mix between an orange and a grapefruit. Google says it's a tangerine but it is not a tangerine. It is HEAVEN.

Harrison comes Sunday. We're all pretty pumped for him to get here. So are the kids.

De captura que en el otro lado!
(Catch you on the flip side)

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