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Monday, August 16, 2010

deet = new perfume


Sunday Funday! We hailed a taxi and drove to a church this morning in West bay called RChurch. Check them out on They meet at the Mayan Princess which is a very nice resort here on the island. We grabbed coffee at "Cool Beans" and met some sweet locals there. This will become a Sunday morning ritual. The sermon was given by Craig Groechel and the worship was awesome. We met the pastor Jeremy, his wife and twin boys. They have built a wonderful community. We took a water taxi (tight) back to West End and walked back to la casa to meet my roommate who had arrived! YAY. We have to have our first school week plans in by this Wednesday and I still know absolutely nothing about teaching. Yo estoy preocupado. (See Matthew 6:33)


This morning Arturo picked us up and took us all to West Bay. We went snorkeling, swimming in the crystal clear water and played volleyball. Erin found a baby turtle! It was phenomenal. We have really gotten to know Jairo and Julio, they have been teaching us mucho Espanol. We ate a nice lunch at Infinity Bay and met Rick the owner of the resort. We also talked to a man named Tristan for a while on the beach. He became a Christian 3 years ago and spoke to us with such love and admiration for the Lord. He described Jesus as a gentleman, that he would never force himself into our lives but how he will always pursue us and invite us in. He preached about being available for God and being obedient to his calling. We definitely feel that he is going to be a spiritual rock on this island in a big way. We ate fresh coconuts given to us by our neighbors when we got home and decided to make some homemade smoothies. They were DELISH. Recipe: Coconuts, coconut milk, mangos, bananas, OJ, sugar and ice. Note: coconuts attract 2,957 flies.


Friday night fun: napping after orientation, not eating dinner, planning for the school year with millions of high lighters and killing 1,462 bugs. One particular mosquito landed on my shoulder, bit me, flew away and then Kelly killed it like a champ. Now my blood is stained on my living room wall. Tight. That is all. BOOM.

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