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Monday, March 21, 2011

bathroom confessional

If you've ever been to Megaplaza (Roatan's only "mall"), you know that there are a slew of public restrooms located in the center of the strip. These areas are very well maintained and convenient, oh the luxuries we take for granted in the States. What a first time gringo wouldn't know is that you have to grab your toilet paper, located on the wall outside, before you enter the stall. This situation leaves room for several potential embarrassing moments to ensue:

1. If there are other guests using the rest area, they ALL know what your intentions are (#1 or #2)
2. Having to ask your neighbor to grab you some TP from the wall.
3. If you do have to do the "doo", how much do you grab? 
4. Thoughts: 
"Take generously?" 
"I don't want to be wasteful, take sparingly?" 
"Everyone is looking at me, they all know. Crap."

Ohhhhhh booms. The end.

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