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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rachel in the Ro

My first visitor in Roatan, Ms. Rachel Cooper.

I introduced her to the true Honduran experience: Half day of classes, Father's Day celebrations, broken down cars, and hitchhiking in the dark back to our humble abode. Bienvenidos!

Paya Bay
We got up early Saturday morning and rented motos to cruise around the island. We drove through the gorgeous Flowers Bay, into Coxenhole and ventured to the east end. After a lot of dust and bumpy roads, we finally arrived at the beautiful Paya Bay. Enjoyed some lunch, hiked through the "naturalist zone 3 beach", swam in the ocean, built sand castles, fixed tan lines and enjoyed the glory of God's creation. Kels ran out of gas half way up the dirt mountain so we went ahead to fill up a water bottle full of gasoline to assist her. Classic.

I felt extremely sexy riding around the mountains, all motorcycle diary-like, wind blowing in my hair, singing Third Eye Blind, breathing deep the salty air and accelerating on the straightaways. We stopped at Parrot Tree to enjoy the sunset and some plantains. YES. Daylight faded faster than anticipated and riding home on a hopping weekend night in the dark was less than desirable. Taxi's flying everywhere, no street lights, no stop signs, no traffic laws. Just you, your moto, your sound judgement and God's grace. (Mom, I promise we were careful) 

Parrot Tree Sunset

Sunday church. We took a water taxi from West End to West Bay after dropping off our motos. 

It was our last service to make a joyful noise unto the Lord with our wonderful pastor Jeremy. (Tear) He, his wife Melissa and their twin boys have been absolute blessings in all of our lives and we will miss them as they head to the states for 3 months. 
Church Familia
Poor Ray had some bad experiences with the food here in the Hondurdur. She ordered some chips and salsa one evening at a new beach restaurant. What came out? Lays potato chips and some diced tomatoes with vinegar. Fail. 

Honduran chips and salsa

Traditional Sunday nights in West Bay include crab races, a live band and fire dancers on the beach. 

Rachel accompanied me to the mentoring program on Tuesday and did such a great job. GO TEAM BLACK! Bebe, Gerald and Menfi. Love. 

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