Real contentment has nothing to do with either prosperity or poverty. Contentment is an inside job, the result of knowing God and living life against the backdrop of eternity.

Friday, May 20, 2011


So my morning bus ipod shuffle mix was a rocking good time. Usually, I find myself skipping over tracks, half asleep on Juan Angel's shoulder and trying not to spill my water bottle all over my pants.

The run down:

Hanson - MMMBop
Avett Brothers - Talk on Indolence
Mumford and Sons - Roll away your stone
Coldplay - Swallowed in the Sea
Kid Cudi/MGMT - Pursuit of happiness
Don Henley - All she wants to do is dance
Beatles - 8 days a week

And then. The Temper Trap. LOVE LOST. Why I have never listened to this before?

Happy Weekend.

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