Real contentment has nothing to do with either prosperity or poverty. Contentment is an inside job, the result of knowing God and living life against the backdrop of eternity.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

young, wild & free

Things I will miss about this place:

Trekking to church in our bathing suits, falling off of ledges into the ocean and never wearing shoes

Friday happy dances with my 7th graders

Eating absurd amounts of homemade popcorn with K. Swope

Exploring the Tamarindo fruit juices... (aka POOP)

the best soda ever! not.


Playing with the French Harbour boys every Tuesday and Thursday

Realizing that life is good when: you're fresh out of Tigo internet, you're fresh out of saldo minutos on your cell phone, the power just went out and there is no way to connect with the world that it's just best to light some candles, bust out the guitar, shake the egg shaker and beat on the djembe with your friends

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