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Saturday, October 23, 2010

en route to... venezuela.

I love unforgettable Fridays. We strolled into school ready to start the beautiful day only to witness our Cafeteria chef beating said rat (see previous post) with a baseball bat, killing it in front of the audience of about 30 ninos y maestros. It was actually hilarious. Poured all day, per usual, and then the girlies had a home volleyball game. They were victorious in their efforts and it was an exciting competition.

Jaime drove the bus filled with screaming 6th graders over to the Alvarado's beautiful home on their own private beach to roast marshmallows, play more volleyball, worship and get to know our children during youth group. It was amazing. Harrison taught them how to make a proper s'mores (pronounced shhmore) which, they had never done before! We played some futbol and watched the sun set before Erin spoke to the group about the Samaritan woman at the well. She did an absolutely phenomenal job and really connected with the audience. Love her!

We headed over to Joseph's glamourous crib to hang out with the Roatan Rotary, eat pizza and devour some delicioso Garifuna chocolate pudding cake. We met his fabulous daughter Janette who was celebrating her birthday. John, Kelly and I decided to venture out to French Harbour to explore the nighttime social activities later on. As we were finishing our popcorn and walking down to the road to catch a taxi, we hitched a ride from 2 extremely generous Venezuelans who were also hitting the town. Danny and Alex were their names, cousins traveling together and had only been in Roatan for a day. They drove us to ROA and then we decided to head to West End, where the real party was. Every person we have met thus far during our time here on the island, was at this bar. We had a blast dancing and getting to know our newly found amigos. I also met a very nice group of people from Israel. I LOVE NEW FRIENDS. SUCCESS.

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