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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

where the skies are so blue

Tropical storm Richard came and left on Sunday morning and fortunately did not cause too much damage or destruction here in Roatan. The power was out for the day, there were some downed power lines, debris and lots of seaweed. We headed to West End to meet up with some friends later in the afternoon and brought back a few to eat some of Amber's delicious homemade chili in the dark. We sat around candles and talked with our new amigos and when the power came back on around 9pm, there were victory dances to be had by everyone.

Monday we didn't have school and we woke up to the most beautiful day. 84 degrees, bright blue skies and no clouds. GLORY!! I believe yesterday was the first day in October that it didn't rain. The guys headed to climb big rocks and do manly things in the East End and the girls decided to walk to the gorgeous West Bay, which ends up taking about an hour. We trudged through some thick mud, Ali almost lost her sandals and Amber about face planted in the thigh-high seaweed dirt masses. HILARIOUSSSS!!

Man I love me some vitamin D. This week our students have half days at school as a result of their quarter exams. Where the junk did October go??!! Time is flying by!! And what should I be for Halloweeeeen....

I hear the Panthers finally won on Sunday.


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