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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

rat a tat tat

Totally about to gank some thunder from K. Swope (HAPPY 22nd CHICA!!) because I love her 1st graders. She decided it would be a phenomenal idea to catch some tadpoles from our puddles of rain near our casa and bring them to class to watch them grow. She is such a wonderful teacher. They decided to name the 5 little guys:

1. The little mermaid
2. Megaplaza (a shopping mall near our school)
3. Chuck
4. Umberto
5. Brownie


I am also on a mission to find one of these for my sister, Katie, who wants one for Christmas:

I guess I will be climbing some trees.

We received some cray cray news today from our Academic Coordinator (Principal for all you Amuuricaaans) Nina. Apparently there is an epidemic of leptospirosis currently spreading through Nicaragua and Central America is taking necessary precautions. Our school has a pequeno mice and rat problema so they are investigating tonight, deciding if the issue is large enough to consider fumigation and if so, school will be cancelled for a few days. Hello anti-bacterial soap and lysol.

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  1. NICE!!! Say yes to handwashing!! hahahahaha! Love the tadpoles! Happy Birthday Kelly!